Sure Shot Success Strategy for Elective Subjects (CS Professional)

 Dear Student,


Open Book Examination format is all about time management and selecting the right content from the study material.


It actually reflects the working pattern and curriculum of a professional on a daily basis. Hence the strategies which are being followed for other papers may not be precisely similar in approach and significance.


Only learning and understanding concepts can be useful where the syllabus is exactly defined. But in case of Open Book the syllabus encompasses large area which is undefined.


In case of Open Book Exam, Learning+Understanding does not = 100%

Learning+Understanding+Helping and Supporting Tools=100% Success Ratio.


Hence it is quiet evident that helping tools and materials can play a significant role in maximising success ratio. Please find attached herewith a link to the short video which can make your task easier in Open Book Examination(Elective Paper).

Many of our friends commit the mistake of writing (copying) the whole content from the material without considering the valid points which ultimately kills the time. So we need to have patience. At the same time, the greed to write more and more encompassing irrelevant points should be curbed.


This Index has been prepared with the help of the Institute’s study material. It is worth noting that the content table of the original material does not cover the sub divisions of the topic which makes it difficult for a student to trace the exact answer from the book during the examination. Hence in order to reduce the effort and confusion of an aspirant, this index has been framed.

How to handle 50 marks question/case study – Open Book Exams (Elective Papers)  and What Should be you preparation Strategy for Elective Papers is perfectly described in below Videos by CS Mohit Shaw  

How First aid kit can be a game changer and help you to score exemption in elective subjects

1.  ‘First Aid Kit’ is an exhaustive and productive helping tool encompassing various elements which can effectively guide and support aspirants during the examination

2.  It is developed on the basis of feedback/suggestions received from past year’s examinees

3.  The First Aid Kit is the replica of requirements which the examinees were in need in the examination hall for maximising their success ratio in the Open Book Exam Format

4.  Before purchasing the kit do refer the publication date of the main study module issued by ICSI



    Good evening Sir.
    The video on open book is really helpful.
    But sir, kindly make video on international business law and practice. Because this subject is new to us from other subjects.
    I have chosen this subject. Because of higher interest in the international business law.
    So I need specific guidance on this subject.

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