How to Overcome CS Executive Exam Failure ? Things to do after Failing in CS Exams

How to Overcome CS Executive Exam Failure

How to Overcome CS Executive Exam Failure : Overview

CS Executive results are out, and the ones that didn’t make it through CS Executive are disappointed. So are their parents, teachers, and well-wishers. But what if we told you that this is not the end but a new beginning?As soon as result get declared some students gets happy with the result ,some students get sad from the result and most important some student get shocked from the result and there after they went in a different zone and get shattered. 

We are again here with a new article on how to overcome CS Executive Exam Failure. In this article we have mentioned the strategy to follow after failing in CS Exams.

Success and failure is two part of coin and everybody has to go from this phase but we can overcome from this very easily. We have to understand that why such reaction takes place and what is the solution for it. We never think on actual point rather than we blame on examiners / ICSI for giving wrong marking irrespective of thinking that from the same institute some students even score All India Ranks. You have to understand that such competitive exams will never have 100% result. You will have to work hard in such way that if ICSI result is 5% then you should be in that 5% .For that its important to make a proper strategy.We should always plan our work first and then we should work on that plan.

To solve any problem one must go to the root of the problem, so first, let’s figure out where did you go wrong in the CS Executive? Our Experts at CSCARTINDIA have contemplated the top reasons, of why students fail in CS Executive Exams and Strategy to Avoid the failure again.The following ways will help you analyse your failure and identify what needs to be done to avoid it.

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How to Overcome CS Executive Exam Failure : Accept Your Failure

Before starting , First and Foremost thing is Accepting Your Failure

The greatest challenge for any student is to accept failure. It is the first and the most difficult step. However, if you can be optimistic and see opportunities in failure, the world would change for you. CS Executive Exams are conducted twice a year. If you are very serious about it, there’s always an opportunity to reappear for these exams, once you are well prepared (and possibly more experienced too). When you face a setback, there are different ways to look at it. In such cases, you can just thank God that you have an opportunity to correct your mistake(s) and try harder.

How to Overcome CS Executive Exam Failure : 3 Main Resons of CS Executive Exam Failure

  • Lack of Preperation!

CS Executive is not only tough but also highly competitive. It’s obvious that to compete in this exam; your preparation has to better than other 95%.Also, the preparation should be in the right direction. Sometimes we put in a lot of effort, but end results don’t reflect the same. This is when it’s time to bring a change in your methodology.

  • When you study concepts, try visualizing them using real life examples
  • Every time you have to revise a concept use Adaptive study* method

*Adaptive learning involves learning a concept in a video lecture followed by a test where your concept will be judged at every stage. At step 1 if you fail to answer correctly you will be made to understand the concept behind and how to solve it, this will be followed by a few similar questions to assure if you’ve understood the concept. How can use CSCARTINDIA Online Chapterwise Mock Test to practice Questions.

  • Prepared Way Too Much

This phenomenon is omnipresent in CS Executive Exams! Students swing in the extremes, as too much of anything is harmful, and this applies to CS Executive preparation as well. To prove that you are a worthy CS Aspirant, individual sometimes stress themselves so much that it works against you. This is the most common mistake many aspirants do.

  • Instead of referring ten different books for the same topic, try studying from a single standard book
  • Refer ICSI study material that strictly abides by the Institute syllabus.(If you don’t have enough time to go through modules , then Click here to know Best Books for CS Executive Exams)
  • Refering Scanners along with ICSI Study Material maintains uniformity in information thus saving time.

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  • Problem With Managing Time

Time management is definitely an issue when comes to exams like CS Executive Exam. Solving the entire paper in limited time is an extreme challenge which many CS Executive Students fail to! The trick is to know your strong areas in all the three subjects MCQ Subjects and proceeds accordingly. The reason why we are suggesting you to keep more focus on MCQ Subjects is because they subjects can help you to score expemtion which in turn will lead in clearing the exam

  • Instead of spending too much time solving a difficult question, use that time to solve other easier questions first that would carry more marks when combined.
  • Use a quick revision tool to save time while preparing for CS Executive. Quick Revision tools means the short notes which you have made while studying for the particular subjects.

How to Overcome CS Executive Exam Failure : Things to Do After Failing in CS Executive Exams

Deciding between attempting single group or both group in exam

It depends on your preparation and availability of time along with your capability to handle both group at a time. Most of students get confused whether to give both the groups or one group at a time. No point in discussing with friends or taking advise from others. Remember you and you only are the best judge.If you have atleast 2-3 Subjects well prepared at this point of time. Then Attempt Both Groups in Coming Exam. If you have not prepared anything till now ,then do the wise thing by attempting only one group.

Pen down your anxieties

Do negative thoughts keep dwelling in your mind? Does your brain keep buzzing with “what ifs”? When you notice worries swirling in your head, write them down.  Penning down help release those cooped up worries from your mind and empties your brain making you feel lighter and less tense. Moreover, writing anxieties during stressful situations such as an exam clears your mind and allows it to focus on the task at hand, thereby boosting your performance greatly.

Improve Presentation skills : How to Overcome CS Executive Exam Failure ?

Various rank holders said this line, that they scored good marks in the examination because of knowing the skills of writing and presenting their thoughts.This is another big reason of failure in ICSI exams. Therefore, start working on presentation skills otherwise, students will never know their mistakes in every attempt.

Get some practical support : How to Overcome CS Executive Exam Failure ?

If you did fail a particular subject, getting some support from the relevant professor can be an invaluable source of help as you work towards your Goal.

Talk to your tutors about how and what you studied, and take along your study plan to show them. Reflect on the following questions:

  • Did you study the right material?
  • Did you study enough in advance?
  • Is there anything you can improve in terms of exam technique?
  • How did the students who did well in the exam approach their studies?

Identify what you can do differently next time : How to Overcome CS Executive Exam Failure ?

Once you have the answers to the above questions, your next step should be to take some time to really think about what you could do to improve your CS Executive exam preparation. Maybe you could have planned your study time more effectively, started your exam revision earlier or focused on different things. 

In the exam itself, perhaps you could have been better at managing your time or structured your answers better.

Indulge in conceptual learning : How to Overcome CS Executive Exam Failure ?

Often CS students engage in rote learning and learn facts without developing a deep understanding of them. This reduces their ability to retain information for long and stirs apprehensions that continue to prevail even during the exam that leaves CS students in confusion and chaos. Emphasis should be laid on conceptual and application based learning that encourages greater understanding of concepts which can be incorporated to tackle difficult areas. It further enhances performance and inculcates a higher degree of contentment in students.

Resist all distractions : How to Overcome CS Executive Exam Failure ?

In our increasingly connected world of smartphones, laptops, tablets, and high speed internet, distractions are bound to happen. However, when you have a big exam coming up, it’s imperative for you to understand that it is time to hit the books and fight all distractions. If you don’t want to fail, try to resist the urge to use the smart devices and carrying on with your studies instead of succumbing to the temptation. While studying interruptions and distractions can be especially disruptive and you should thus work on cutting down your time spend on social media, Whats app, Snapchat, Instagram etc.

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Adopt “never say die” attitude : How to Overcome CS Executive Exam Failure ?

In order to achieve your goals, it is imperative to push yourself harder and never give up. A firm determination, strong will power and a positive outlook can result into success. Never give up means to figure out new and efficient ways to achieve your targets. Adopting “never say die” attitude and making it an intrinsic part of your life can help you win most battles. It will not only gear you up for the impending exam ahead, but also instil immense confidence in you. Never giving up and fighting till the end is the most apparent proof that you have tried your hardest to obtain what you desired for.

Apart from the above mentioned ways, adopting smart preparation and revision strategies along with a positive attitude can help avoid failure and stand you in a good stead. As students you should work on improvising your study pattern and approach exams with a fresh approach. Having a role model and following his footsteps can keep you motivated and might pave way to your success story.

Just like the phoenix that rises from the ashes you can perform much better next attempt if you take note of the points mentioned above.

Most importantly, instead of stressing about exams you should be confident of what you have studied. We advise our students never to give up on their dreams!

How to Overcome CS Executive Exam Failure : Important Topics of CS Executive Exam

Here we are providing subject wise important topics to CS Executive students. See below How to prepare CS Executive Module – 1 and Module – 2. Click below links

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Module – 2

CS Executive Capital Market and Securities laws

CS Executive Company Accounts and Auditing Practices

CS Executive Industrial labour and General Laws

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