CS Professional Important Topics Group 3

CS Professional Important Topics Group 3

CS Professional Important Topics Group 3 – Unmissable Topics

CS Professional Important Topics Group 3 (50 Most Important Topics): In this article ,We have Shared the list of important topics which should be read by every CS Professional Student before exam. These Important Topics for Group 3 acts as a check list for CS Professional Students who are preparing for group 3 as well as all three groups. We have kept special focus on subjects like Drafting , Appearances and Pleadings and Advance Tax Laws and Practices. Important topics for Elective Subjects is not given in this article as its a Open Book Exam. However Important tips for Elective Subjects are given in this article.

CS Professional Important Topics Group 3 : Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings

Theoretical Topics 
1. Distinguish between Drafting and Conveyancing.
2. Fowler’s five rules.
3. Principles of Drafting.
4. Informal and Formal Agreements.
5. Some Do’s and Don’ts.
6. Various kinds of Deeds.
7. Recitals, Parcel Clause, Premises and Habendum, Endorsement and Supplement Deeds.
8. Important points in regards to drafting of contracts.
9. Building Contracts.
10. Ingredients of Agency Contract.
11. Guidelines for entering into Foreign Collaboration Agreement.
12. Requisites of an Award.
13. Types of Guarantees.
14. Outsourcing Agreements.
15. Essentials of E- Contract.
16. Types of E- Contract.
17. Promissory notes and its essentials.
18. Warranties and conditions to be implied in hire purchase agreements.
19. Essential requirements of sale of immovable property.
20. Mortgage and its types.
21. Distinction between License and lease.
22. Deeds of Assignment.
23. Partnership Deed/ How made.
24. Gift.
25. Types of Writ
26. Special Leave Petition.
27. Promoters Contract.
28. Contents of Articles.
29. Slump Sale.
30. Fundamental rules of pleading.
31. Written Statement.
32. Drafting of Reply/ Written Statement.
33. Affidavit.
34. Memorandum of Appeal and Revision.
35. Drafting of Appeal.
36. Injunction and Specific performance.
37. Bail and FIR.
38. Drafting of Affidavit in Evidence.
39. Rule of Adverse Interference.
40. Arguments on Merits and Preliminary submissions.
41. Professional Etiquettes.
42. Court Craft.
43. Duty to the Court, Client and Opponent.
44. Advocacy Tips.
45. Compounding of Offences under Companies Act, 2013 and SEBI Act.
46. Consent Order.

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CS Professional Important Topics Group 3 : Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings

Important Drafts
47. Agency Contracts.
48. Collaboration Agreements.
49. Guarantee Agreements.
50. Hypothecation Agreements.
51. Outsourcing Agreements.
52. Power of Attorney.
53. Hire Purchase Agreements.
54. Family Settlement Deeds.
55. Sale Deeds.
56. Deed of sale of Business and Assignment of Goodwill.
57. Mortgage Deeds.
58. Lease Deeds.
59. Assignment of Shares Deed.
60. Assignment of Trademarks and Patent.
61. Partnership Deeds.
62. Debenture Trust Deed.
63. Gift Deed.
64. Writ Petition.
65. Promotes Contract.
66. Shareholders agreement.
67. Service Deed.
68. Deed of Amalgamation.
69. Affidavit.
70. FIR.
71. Appeals.


CS Professional Important Topics Group 3 : Advanced Tax Laws and Practice

1. MAT – Calculation of Book Profit and MAT
2. MAT – Credit
3. Tax on Certain Dividends Received from Foreign Companies (U/s 115BBD)
4. Section 115 JC – AMT
5. Section 115JE
6. Section 47 (xiiib) – Exempted Transfer for Conversion of Pvt / Ltd Co. to LLP firm
7. Tax Planning: Respect to Dividend, Deemed Dividend, Bonus Stripping, Slump Sale, Tax Planning w.r.t. Salary Income.
8. TDS Tax Rates.
9. TDS Due Dates & TAN
10. Section 35AD
11. Section 142 – Inquiry Before Assessment
12. Section 143(1) – Summary Assessment
13. 143 (3) – Scrutiny Assessment
14. 144 – Best Judgement Assessment
15. 147 – Income Deemed to have escaped assessment
16. Diff: 142A vs 42AB
17. 132 – Search and Seizure


CS Professional Important Topics Group 3 : Advanced Tax Laws and Practice

1. Double Taxation Relief
2. Deemed Associated Enterprise (Section 92A) (2)
3. Specified Domestic Transaction (Section 92BA)
4. Most Appropriate Method (Sec 92C (2)
5. Determination of Arms Length Price by AO
6. Advance Pricing Agreement
7. Advance Ruling


CS Professional Important Topics Group 3 : Advanced Tax Laws and Practice

Direct Tax : Important Case Study
1. Kotak Securities Ltd (SC) (2016) Hyosung Corporation (Del-HC)(2016):
2. V.S Dempo & Co P Ltd (Bombay – HC) (2016):
3. CIT v. Alcatel Lucent Canada (2015 Delhi HC)
4. Principal CIT v. Matruprasad C.Pandey (2015 Gujrat HC)
5. CIT v. TVS Motors Ltd (2014 Madras HC) CIT v. Meghalaya Steels Ltd. (2015 SC)
6. Japan Airlines Co. Ltd. v. CIT CIT v. Singapore Airlines Ltd. (2015 SC)



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CS Professional Important Topics 

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